Family Chiropractor, Massage & Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Get the most out of life with the support and care of our team at Bayview Village Wellness Centre. We want to help you and your family reach your full living potential whether it is enjoying your favorite activity or living your everyday life, live it to the fullest! Our family based practice has been serving the North York, Downsview & Toronto community for over 35 years providing many services offering choices for optimizing your health throughout the years.

From pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood, teenage years, adulthood right through to your golden years. We provide a variety of top notch services from chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy and orthotics. Our staff and services are here to help you get well and to stay well. The Bayview Village Wellness Centre is here to assist you in achieving overall optimal health. Create a lifestyle to your full potential today! Call Bayview Village Wellness Centre to get started with total wellness care!

At Bayview Village Wellness Centre we care about helping you achieve a lifestyle that allows you to reach your fullest potential. Many people only seek care when they are experiencing pain and limitations, Bayview Village Wellness Centre goes beyond crisis care.

We provide you with this greater care by:

  • Fostering Learning
  • Providing a One-Stop Solution for Better Health
  • Encouraging a Fun and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Specialized Care for Children and Pregnant Women
  • Embracing the Latest Technology

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